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Townland Maps
These are a series of maps which show townlands from Richhill, in the east of County Armagh, to Banbridge, in the west of County Down. The area covered is too large to show as a single image with sufficient detail, and has been broken up into a series of adjacent images. These overlap slightly, to help you follow a feature from one map to its adjacent map. Not all of the maps in the grid have been completed, but those with particular significence to the family trees on the site have been drawn. One map, of Bernagh in County Tyrone, is some distance from the others and is therefore shown on its own. The maps are as accurate as I can determine, but they have only been produced to enable researchers to get a feel for the geographic location of the townlands associated with persons who appear in the family trees.
These maps are intended SOLELY for the non-commercial use of family history research.

 Portadown North-West
 Portadown North
 Portadown North-East
 Lurgan South
 Lurgan South-East
 Portadown South-West
 Portadown South
 Portadown South-East
 Banbridge North-West
 Laurelvale West
 Tandragee North-East
 Banbridge North-West
 Laurelvale South
 Tandragee South
 Banbridge South-West
The grid below shows the map numbers and how they relate.
You can go to a map by clicking the number.
At the bottom of each map there are arrows which are links to adjacent maps.
Click the arrows to navigate around.
The number in the centre indicates the current map.
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Looking for a townland but don't know where it is, or near to?
Then click on the link below and you will be given a list of all the townlands which appear on the above series of maps.
Click on the townland name and you will be taken to the appropriate map
Townland Index

Other Maps

new image
I have produced a new townland map of the area around Bernagh, County Tyrone which is an overlay on a Google Map. You can zoom in and out, within limits, and using the slider control in the top right you can vary the opacity of the overlay to hide or reveal the background Google image.

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