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Welcome to the Family Tree section of the website. The pages are produced dynamically from data stored in a datbase on the web server. Making changes now only requires an update to the database and the code that produces the pages does the rest automatically.

There are two ways to search the database :-

1 - Click on the Names List button below and look for the name you want.

2 - Enter the Surname in the box below. You can reduce the number of returns by entering Initials or Birth Year in the appropriate boxes. You don't have to enter the complete Surname, but the more you enter will reduce the returns. For example Sm will return Small, Smith, Smyth, Smythe etc. while Smi will probably only return Smith.

The restriction on the Birth Year is to prevent searches returning withheld information on an individual. For example if you were to search on me for a particular year and got a return then, although no details would be shown, you would have found out the year I was born. In my case I am not bothered but the 100 years rule has been applied to everyone.

When you get to the page for an individual you will be shown all their details unless they are withheld. To navigate backwards, click on either the Father or Mother and to navigate forward click on a child.

Clicking the Ancestral View button takes you to a page which will show all available data going back four generations. Clicking on a name will then take you to the page showing the details of that individual.

To make a more detailed search click on the Advanced Search button.

On some of the Sources shown at the bottom of the page there are links available which will take you to a page which displays complete information on the source. At present this only applies to Quaker Births or Burials but hopefully will be expanded to headstones etc.

Please feel free to e-mail me with comments or suggestions, as this project is always in development.

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